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Is There Any Way to Upgrade From 1.7.3?

You can get a version of EE 2 from here: Although it is not the most updated version of EE2 (which is 2.11.9), you can use that to ...
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Upgrade from EE1 to EE4

This will be very time-consuming if you proceed. Since most of the third party add-ons for EE1 are either out of development with no updated version or hard to obtain, you either own those old add-...
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In Expression Engine, I can't "open" entries, they only offer "closed" as an option

Check these things: the weblog has some statuses group assigned to it the members group is authorized to publish entries in this weblog the members group is authorized to edit entries authored by ...
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How can i display the site url instead of the ip address?

If it is an image loaded from a file upload location, adjust the the file upload preference url to be what you need. Looks like the previous developer forgot to do this when they launched the site. ...
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EE won't let me post, edit, submit

here is the fix. this worked for me on 2.25.2020. you hosting company can do this for you. "I have investigated the issue and checked server logs, according to them, the issue could have been caused ...
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