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Essentially, you'll create a module with an ACT URL. ( You'll have your mod.module_name.php file, which will contain your logic to retrieve the data and enter it into the database using the Database Class ( Then in you're upd....


It sounds like what you need is a conditional to set the value for the return parameter for your freeform tag. Hard to say more without more information on what you are trying to do / what your template looks like and knowledge of the versions of EE and Freeform you have installed. But roughly something like this... {exp:freeform:form return=" ...


Just found out the answer. I had to add quotation marks around the {field:value} conditional. Below is an example. {form:fields} {if "{field:value}" != ''} {field:label} : {field:value} {/if} {/form:fields}


Even though your EE2 installs (that are 2.11.9) should be PHP 7.1 compatible, that doesn't mean that your add-on's are. I know @JCOGS recommended renaming your third_party as a way to test, but I don't believe that is the best method for testing a base install with all third party software disabled. Make sure that you have debug in your index.php set to 1. ...

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