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Interesting results: With Snaptcha (set to highest protection) + EE's built-in contact form, I still get spammed. But I never get spam via any of my FreeForm Pro forms. So I'm going to use FreeForm Pro for my contact form, as well. I thought Spaptcha and FreeForm used similar "honeypot" methods? Maybe not. Update: Been using FreeForm as my contact ...


Short of using a Captcha there's no sure fire way to stop spam. is a good Captcha because it works behind the scenes, I've used it and it does stop most spam. There's always the option of forcing visitors to do a preview first before sending, using the preview parameter


You need to check out Snaptcha from Put Your Lights On. A remarkable add-on for EE - install it and it just works: no configuration or hoopla. Have used on several installations and it is effective. Highly recommended.

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