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can I put markup inside an iframe tag in a rich text field?

I solved something simulair with, an addon from LOW. I wanted special markup for any <a href in the RTF field. It works like a charm! In my case like this: ...
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EE 5 - Code snippet in template appearing and disappearing on website

I figured it out. That include was a copy of another include, and so permissions were reset to none. Meaning no one could see it, but if I logged in to check the templates involved, suddenly it ...
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Doubt about a Stash Embed parameter : name"my_var1"

The example you have highlighted is intended to illustrate how you can take advantage of the stash caching system to create multiple cached versions of the same template code based on with different ...
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Next / Prev Linking Of Entries in Relationship Field

I don't think you need an embed - have you tried the siblings tags? Someone has posted a potential solution ...
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passing a category id to an embed

I believe you have to use proper tags to access embed vars, ie: {exp:channel:entries channel="reports" disable="member_data|trackbacks" limit="200" category="{embed:cat}" dynamic="no"} ... stuff ......
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EE embed inside stash parse process end

Stash will not parse EE embeds, only it's own embeds.
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