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categories inside the Edit Entry publish tab?

Yes of course it is possible. For that you just have to go into layouts of respected Channel. And then drag and drop the categories under Publish tab.
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Upload Image/File Modal Empty, Potential JS Error in index.php?

It looks like something may be tripping up a mod_security rule on the server, that can happen from time to time if the rules are too strict. How to check: Make the error happen using the field, make ...
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Getting Channel Entry Data With AJAX

There are answers both complex and simple, really depending on your actual use case. This simple answer is just to AJAX in a template that does what you want. There is no reason you can't have a ...
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Channel Entry Form not found

Typical that as soon as I post a question I find, what I think is, the solution. It seems the tags are not {exp:channel:entry_form} but {exp:channel:form} instead.
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display the latest entry only that meets criteria

Two things I suggest you might do: Simplify the {if} loop by using the Channel Entries 'search' parameter Use the Channel Entries 'limit' parameter to only return the first entry that matches your ...
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