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500 Internal Server Error - Cannot access frontend or backend

The quickest way to get back up and running might be to go through cPanel and PHPMyAdmin to open your database. And then navigate to the exp_upload_prefs table and delete the row for the Upload ...
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Fatal Error cannot use 'Bool' in Lexer.php

For anyone that may come across this error in the future, we were able to resolve it by changing all instances of 'Bool' and 'String' that were inside the system>EllisLab folder to 'Boolean' and '...
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HTTP ERROR 500 when editing entry with image in EE2

First: The PHP options on our server 'Display errors' and 'log_errors' were 'Off'. Switched them to 'On'. Then I set $debug = 1; in index.php in folder expressionengine. Now I could see Fatal ...
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