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Get full URL to entry

You need to compose the URL for the entry yourself depending on template group and template you want to use. Looking at the sample URL you posted, I assume it will be something like {path=events/...
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Is there a way to convert SolSpace Calendar's recurrence rules into plain English?

This works for me: {rules} {if rule_repeat_weeks}Every {if rule_relative_dow}{rule_relative_dow backspace="2"}{if '{relative_dow}' == '6'}Last{/if}{if '{relative_dow}' != '6'} {exp:ordinal}{...
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Can Solspace calendar have multiple times each day for an event?

Yes, you can do that. When you create an event, add a rule for each time of the day that the event is going to occur as well as what day of the week its happening on at said time. You can have ...
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