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How to reset password with email being setup

Request a reset code on the website. This will create a reset code and the next step will be to retrieve the reset code from the database. Find your memeber_id searching for username or email in ...
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Solspace User forgot_password return link broken

Ah, it's this parameter that's causing the issue. secure_return="yes" If I remove that from the forgot_password form, then the form works and the return template I put in works properly.
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Expressionengine - Freemember Email - invalid link sent

I had the exact same problem. It looks as though EE's native password reset doesn't understand Freemember's reset code. I was able to fix this issue by creating a template with Freemember's reset ...
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Password Reset Not Sending Emails

If you were logged in on the site at the old host when the database backup was taken it could be that the new site thinks you're still logged in. If you then have the security preference to allow only ...
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Where can I change the wording of the Reset Password email FreeMember sends?

You can edit the forgot_password template in EE Control Panel > Design > Message Pages > Email Notifications > Forgotten Password Instructions. You can change the username variable and ...
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