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Third party Forum Integration

I've never fully understood why EllisLabs opted for building a completely separate module for forums when the structure of ExpressionEngine can be used to create fully bespoke forums. You have a ...
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Discussion Forum 3.1.15 - This form has expired

Add $config['disable_csrf_protection'] = "y"; to your config file, you need to add the XID to the form in a hidden field to get rid of the error the other way.
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Third party Forum Integration

I don't have any personal expirience with those add-ons, but there are bridges for Vanilla and vBulletin
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Fatal error EE::clean() - Discussion Forum

Checked the documentation and found that the correct code is $temp['answer'] = ee('Security/XSS')->security->xss_clean($val); Ref:
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ee forum + Scaffold vs non-ee forum software

It depends on your sites primary purpose. Either you have content that is supported by a forum to discuss the content or you have a forum that has some additional content to support the forum. If the ...
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Discussion Forum Email Templates HTML

The "default email format" setting does only one thing, and that is determine the initial state of the "Email Format" dropdown when you go to Tools → Communicate. All other emails generated by ...
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Error Message After Forum Install

Just had exactly the same issue. The {if pm_enabled} {/if} conditional was only added in 2.10.0 which is causing the error.
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Create new template in Discussion Forum theme

Several years ago, the EllisLab staff posted something about having a replacement for the hilariously outdated forum package that EE ships with. Then EE4 came out.... then EE5 came out.... then ...
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Is it Possible to Host Forum Avatars and Uploads on S3

Two ways: You could mount s3 using s3fs-fuse^ onto your structure, so EE would experience it as a local file-system and the URL could be the s3 bucket URL. Another way is to use aws s3 sync^^ to ...
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Restricting access to forum to logged-in members area

If you are using Discussion Forum module then you should wrap the forum content into below condition. {if logged_in} {!-- Your Forum Content --} {/if} You can also manage using {if logged_out} ...

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