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Fatal error EE::clean() - Discussion Forum

Checked the documentation and found that the correct code is $temp['answer'] = ee('Security/XSS')->security->xss_clean($val); Ref: https://docs.expressionengine.com/v2/development/guidelines/...
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Create new template in Discussion Forum theme

Several years ago, the EllisLab staff posted something about having a replacement for the hilariously outdated forum package that EE ships with. Then EE4 came out.... then EE5 came out.... then ...
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Is it Possible to Host Forum Avatars and Uploads on S3

Two ways: You could mount s3 using s3fs-fuse^ onto your structure, so EE would experience it as a local file-system and the URL could be the s3 bucket URL. Another way is to use aws s3 sync^^ to ...
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Restricting access to forum to logged-in members area

If you are using Discussion Forum module then you should wrap the forum content into below condition. {if logged_in} {!-- Your Forum Content --} {/if} You can also manage using {if logged_out} ...
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