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Freemember with EE 3?

Freemember has not been updated to be compatible with EE3 - you'd have to contact DevDemon and ask if they have plans. (It doesn't appear in their EE3 roadmap, and as a free add-on that was Adrian's ...
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Freemember and custom member fields

Are you running the latest version of Freemember? Are you sure your custom field names are correct? Your code? Ok, your code was not formatted properly.. {exp:freemember:register form_class="form ...
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Expressionengine - Freemember Email - invalid link sent

I had the exact same problem. It looks as though EE's native password reset doesn't understand Freemember's reset code. I was able to fix this issue by creating a template with Freemember's reset ...
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Freemember login errors with Transcribe

Im a little late to the party, but I just spent a day tracking down the cause of this bug. The issue is that transmit deals with ACT actions differently to normal GET requests. In ext.transcribe.php ...
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