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1 vote

How do I install a custom javascript on all pages before the </body> tag?

I believe each EE site uses any template that shares same data. Like., Head, Header, Footer etc. You can select any of those templates and put your JS code inside it. To find out, You can edit any ...
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1 vote

stop google from crawling ajax pages with no <head></head>

I would think just putting those pages into a robots.txt file would be effective. Just a plain text file that sits in your website's root directory and includes basic site information (e.g. about ...
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1 vote

How to check if visitor is a bot?

You can use php to attempt to detect a bot, and dynamically show the desired content based on the results. Not perfect, but may help with your case. Check out this add-on
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1 vote

Changing the <img> tag with CE Image?

CE image does not have the ability to change the name of the image tag. You could, however, simply wrap your final html in a plugin with a replace method. For example, this is how to do that with CE ...
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