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5 votes

before_channel_entry_save hook

This was driving me insane but I've figured it out. You need to edit the $entry object (1st parameter of the function) in order for this to work. You can, however, use the 2nd parameter, $values, for ...
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Custom add-on accessing method from another custom add-on …

I agree with the advice provided by Brian in EECMS Slack. You can do this: require_once PATH_THIRD . 'your_addon/somefile.php' $someFile = new SomeFile(); $someFile->method();
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2 votes

Using the cp_custom_menu hook

The cp_custom_menu hook, although sounding like it will automatically add an item to the menu, in fact just adds your add-on as a new option when creating a custom menu via Settings -> Menu Manager ...
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2 votes

Updating hooks from v2 to v4

There were certainly several extension hook changes with the arrival of EE3, possibly with EE4 too, so you may well need to update the naming of the hooks in your addon. You can find a complete list ...
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Expresso store : add on, hook store_order_complete_end creates order id+1

Using $this->extensions->last_call in the hook turned out to be redundant.
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1 vote

How to get data from a hook?

At the end of hook "channel_form_submit_entry_end" it is using the Channel Form Class so $obj->entry['entry_id'] a class property which is not available. Good news is you can use the method $obj->...
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1 vote

Hook when member updates password

These what you are after? It appears these are planned for conversion to services down the road. But should still work now.
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Using the cp_custom_menu hook

add this at the end of public function cp_menu_array($menu) { if ($this->EE->extensions->last_call !== FALSE) { $menu = $this->EE->extensions->...
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