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Mod_Security Roadblocks, Hosting EE

Your best bet is still to open a support ticket with HostGator and asking them to 'whitelist' those mod_sec rules that are causing the problem. As EE5 isn't as common as say WordPress, most hosting ...
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Solution for cloud hosting images on EE3?

there is a brandnew add-on called treasury wich supports assets storage on S3. It is also compatible with Ansel ( ...
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Best Hosting for Expression Engine?

I personally use Nexcess. A hosting solution that’s right for ExpressionEngine, plus they are EllisLab's Official Enterprise Hosting Partner.
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php cli & expression engine

This is a permissions problem unrelated to the original question as it was asked. The solution is to set the read/write permissions for the template directory via FTP (or shell access) which will ...
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