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cannot configure solspace email

The {exp:freeform form} will create the form tags for you. Once inside you aren't required to use the {freeform:field:xxx} tag, you can just use the typical input syntax. I'll include some code below ...
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How to send HTML email (in template) from extension?

Yes Brianne, you can pull the body of the template in your extension. To achieve this you need to create separate library for parsing the template into your extension. And by loading that library you ...
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Send HTML Email for Notifications

You need to go into the notification templates and add what ever markup you want to include. By default, they are text only. Design->Message Pages->Email Notifications
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Auto-Generated Emails Not Being Sent as HTML

Based on @Dom Stubbs' answer I created this extension to workaround this. https://github.com/cld-agency/ee-html-email Please note that if you are using any Freeform notifications, they will also ...
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