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Upload Image/File Modal Empty, Potential JS Error in index.php?

It looks like something may be tripping up a mod_security rule on the server, that can happen from time to time if the rules are too strict. How to check: Make the error happen using the field, make ...
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FreeForm Pro iOs file size too large, how to allow larger images or constrain/resize

have you checked your php max upload filesize?
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How do I add .jpf mime type to config.php?

There is a configuration override you can use here: Just use that in your config file to ...
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Not seeing alt tag content for images

You could create in the Field Manager of the Control Panel an 'alt' channel Field, and place it inside your template. {exp:channel:entries channel="test" limit="10"} <img src='image.png' ...
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Assigning default images to a channel

Yes, off-course it is doable. For this you need to create Template Variable for storing the placeholder image. You just need to call this placeholder image when there is no image in file field. You ...
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Memory exhausted when uploading images

Your php.ini could be overridden somewhere. Check Tools > Utilities > PHP Info to see if there are any local values that don't match your php.ini If you're on Apache try looking for a ....
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EE3 Image cropping when image is uploaded

The issue here is that your syntax is incorrect in a few ways. Within a File field tag pair you should not prefix variables with the parent tag (banner:). You should not include the directory name (...
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Solution for cloud hosting images on EE3?

there is a brandnew add-on called treasury wich supports assets storage on S3. It is also compatible with Ansel ( ...
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Fetch first image of entry?

I've assumed when you refer to "The images are just inserted in the entry" and "So the body-field of an entry", that you are referring to a single text/wysiwyg field in the entry. You won't be able ...
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Any way to restrict image size on upload?

From what i understand from your question you need Ansel: We had some issues getting this to work with Zurb Foundation though. We implemented a solution with ...
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