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EE JQuery reference

I'm sure there are many ways to handle jQuery and EE but in my experience, for frontend work I tend to not use the jQuery provided with EE and just link in the version that I want to use. I always ...
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freeform add datepicker to text field

I had to remove the jquery in the inc_footer
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MX Google Map Control Panel Error

As the site is running over https I had to modify the URL in the following line of code to https. fx.mx_google_map.php (Line 135) ee()->cp->add_to_foot('<script type="text/javascript" src="...
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ExpressionEngine code being used with JQuery

There's a few posts around on the subject but you could start with adding a config override either via the CP or if you're using an Override you should only need: $config['protect_javascript'] = 'n'; ...
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