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Automatically creating an alphanumeric number for each new entry

If you are using EE4 then you could use the built-in encrypt / decrypt variable modifiers. So your template entry could end up with something like this perhaps: {path='SingleSignon/Microsite'}?...
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how do I output am EE html template as a json file

Install "HTTP Header" Plugin to set the EE html template as a json. {exp:http_header content_type="application/json"}
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2 votes

Output of JSON addon is blank when embedded in another template

Found out through some more testing that it is a strange bug with how templates are being routed. The json outputs fine on a page when seeing the rendered directly from the template. However, when ...
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2 votes

Json output is not right

You can use variable modifiers. Check {filename:json}
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Accessing EE data via iOS swift

EE doesn't have a native API interface to communicate with, but I've been having quite a good time with Webservice API plugin from Reinos, and with it you can turn a EE install into a REST/XMLRPC/SOAP ...
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Tagdata Fetch Params Not Accepting JSON String

Tags in params aren't going to be parsed unless you add this parameter: parse="inward" The parse order stuff is... hard to grok. Try adding that to your channel entry tag. https://docs....
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Json output is not right

If I use {file_name:json} it add qoutes to the begin and end but did not chance the %40 into @. Use url decode to fix the problem. Thanks
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Output of JSON addon is blank when embedded in another template

Probably need a dynamic="no" on your json tag.
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