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Add-On Index Page Throwing Parse Error That Is Not Correct

Hrm, well that line in ext.rte.php in the 5.3.0 release is: var $docs_url = DOC_URL.'add-ons/rte/control_panel/index.html'; So based on that error, I would assume the DOC_URL constant is not ...
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1 vote

Stash List with Grid and Entry Title

Suspect it is because you are using different context settings between setting the list and getting it back again. You set the list using {entry_id} as the context. You retrieve the list using {...
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Stash get_list set_list

I believe it's outputting the same thing over and over as you've only captured the last 'quote' – you are capturing inside the {exp:channel…} tag. So every time EE returns another entry, you are ...
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