The most common Publish Page DB error for site where member can publish they entries is happens because spammers registered too many accounts. And Publish page just going down when it trying to load the authors list. In Safecracker you don't have author list field, so it's why this issue is not effected on SC form. But you can tested it just trying to open ...


A couple of things to try: Can you increase PHP's memory limit? Also - since you mentioned Safecracker - is this an older site - and are you using anything other than Channel Images for your images? I've had issues with Imgsizer and switching to CE image helps. Finally, can you either delete or turn off the entry via the db directly to get back into the ...


ok. Let summarize: Hosting: Goddady EE version: 2.1.3 Do you use "Save Templates as files" option (Design > Template Manager > Global Template Preferences): Yes Why templates is load so slow? You have 24 uniq templates SELECT DISTINCT(template_name) FROM `exp_templates` but 67866 records (49 Mb) in exp_templates table. I can't tell you why this ...


Structure keeps a history log and took up to 12000 records in the database. Cleared the records and things went back to normal. Updated Structure and should not happen anymore. https://eeharbor.com/structure/changelog#entry-6


You can use here LAZY LOAD or INFINITE SCROLL (Just like automatic pagination) https://www.sitepoint.com/jquery-infinite-scrolling-demos/


There's a dropdown menu on Playa's specific Add/Edit Channel Field ( Admin > Channel Fields > Group > Field ) form called Limit entries to - this is where you can set a limit. Any searches/filters on the playa field will search/filter the all entires ( configured in the CP ) and not just filtered set.


If the city/country is the only thing you are translating it might be easier to use a 3rd party service to translate them, such as geonames.org. e.g. http://api.geonames.org/search?name=moscow&country=RU&featureCode=PPLC&maxRows=10&type=rdf&username=demo The demo name has reached its API limit, here is what the response looks like:


As you suspected, you're bumping into some resource or config setting limit, you just have to figure out which one. A common culprit (other than memory_limit), is max_input_vars.

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