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Moved to new server - Expresso editor - denied file access?

This may be a mod_security issue. Please check if your host is running it. You can turn off mod_security by adding below code to .htaccess : <IfModule mod_security.c> SecFilterEngine Off ...
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Migrating entire site from V2 to Open Source - how?

In summary it is a bit more complex than just copying over the data - there have been some changes in how EE operates internally that require your data to be updated to operate on the latest EE ...
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Migrating ExpressionEngine 2.11 to version 4

You can find an outline of what is needed in the answer to a similar question asked a few months ago. expression engine upgrade from 2 to 3 to 4 HTH.
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New EE3 installation and other SQL-base

Never ever do direct EE1 to EE3. First of all upgrade EE1 to EE2. That will make necessary changes to your database. (Remember change all the plugins with EE2 version otherwise backend and/or frontend ...
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How can I fix broken URLs after migration

Please consider this question closed. I've turned the site migration over to a more experienced EE developer than me.
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Migrate localhost (WAMP) EE install

http://flowingmotion.jojordan.org/2013/07/19/12-steps-to-rebuild-your-wamp-server-without-losing-your-data/ This seems generally useful. Make sure you reinstall the same version of WAMP. Things like ...
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