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Static caching A static cached page is just plain old HTML, it doesn't pass through EE or PHP at all. You cannot therefore escape regions of the page from caching: Freeform forms cannot be cached as they require a token to be generated for each user that views the form, and that is only ...


Carefully "unescape" the variables you want to be cached, so e.g. {stash:nocache} <div> {if {current_time format="%U"} - {/stash:nocache}{event_time format="%U"}{stash:nocache} < -86400} {/stash:nocache}{facebook_link}{stash:nocache} {/if} {if {current_time format="%U"} - {/stash:nocache}{event_time format="%U"}{stash:nocache} < 86400 &...


The developer gave a solution here: Change the following code on line line 664 in mcp.mustash.php: 'group_id' => $group[$index], To: 'group_id' => ($group[$index] == "NULL" ? NULL : $group[$index]),

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