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Control Panel shortcuts in ExpressionEngine 3

It seems they moved this feature to be in a drop down menu rather than directly in the main UI. I loved adding links to the top of the old EE, made things quick. But now they are in the top right ...
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How to build HTML navigation breadcrumbs without using an add-on?

Depending on how your pages are constructed, have you looked at this Tutorial yet? https://expressionengine.com/learn/smarter-breadcrumbs-with-layout-lists Russ
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Control Panel shortcuts in ExpressionEngine 3

You can add short cuts into the control panel using the Menu Manager. Go to Settings (button in top right hand corner) Choose "Menu Manager" from the left hand navigation (under General Settings) ...
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Navbar Toggler not working

You are using relative addressing for the tag that loads your javascript elements: in the page source you see tags that look like this: <script src="V2/js/clean-blog.min.js"></script> ...
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Relationship field for navigation menu

Many URLs with summaries in <UL> <LI> structure, No doubt channel entry is needed. You can use both Relationships and GRID to accomplish the megamenu needs. (As there are several plugins ...
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Broken control panel navigation

Uninstall all third party addons, especially Accessories. I literally had this happen to me the other day when I was developing a complex addon. I can't remember if it was the Extension or Accessory ...
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