So it seems the logic works when the nesting drops back 1 parent, but breaks when the parents drop back two levels or more. After testing this on my end, it looks the depthX_end variables are all fired at the same time in the loop–so you will need a condition to test when the list drops back two parents or more. <ul> {exp:gwcode_categories group_id="3"...


You need to use the context parameter and a unique identifier in your nested list. Generally using entry_id is the easiest way to create a relationship between your two lists. Stash {entry_id} in your outer list (used for retrieval wit get_list) Set the context parameter in your nested list and feed it {entry_id} from your outer list when getting your ...


You have some keys which are repeated multiple times, video_url and video_title. The first duplicate video_url causes the problem, because it makes Stash 'think' the row of keys is starting again, i.e. a new row. This doubles up your list.


Stash itself doesn't have modifiers for variables, such as format="". It can only capture strings from other tags. You will need to save the formatted dates when you set the Stash list if you want to use them in a comparison when getting the list.

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