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orderby="random" same results being displayed every time

So it looks like I have to disable "Cache Dynamic Channel Queries?" in Admin->Channel Administration->Global Channel Preferences For random ordering to function properly
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How can I sort entries by ascending integers?

I cannot replicate your results. Created a new channel "test" with a single field "counter" set to Text with field entry set to "integer". Built template with this code: <h1>Sorting Test</...
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How can I sort entries by ascending integers?

I think the Custom field sort_order may have value in string format. That's why it is not working.You need to convert it into integer format then try with it. You can convert it by making small pi....
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Order by two fields with Low Search

Yes, by using separate orderby and sort parameters, eg: {low_search:url orderby="foo|bar" sort="asc|desc"}
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Search results - Order by Date

Ehhh I struggled with this one an a previous project. If I remember correctly, there were a few options to do what you're looking for. First of all, these solutions came through Solspace Super Search. ...
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Ordering Channel Entries results based on Grid content?

You can only order entries by the literal contents of the fieldtype's column in the exp_channel_data table. So you can order by session_time (if you set that Grid field to be searchable - otherwise ...
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Order articles by Popularity

View Count + Total Comments You can also use the variable {comment_total} in conjunction with {view_count_one} for an alternate assessment of popularity. On the exp:channel:entries listing tag ...
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