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{stash:embed name="test"} vs {exp:stash:embed name="test"}

Stash embeds can be parsed at three different stages in the parse order of their parent template: process="start" - embed the template before any other variables and tags in your template are parsed. ...
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Inline errors with Freeform composer

For EE3, it appears that Freeform 5.x is a bit fussier about the conditional. Try this code instead: <p> {composer:field_output} {!-- composer:field_name will parse first to the field'...
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CE Image, variable not parsed inside src image

Stash is very useful sometimes, but also is notorious for exactly this kind of obscure fail behaviour. Just look at the kind of questions asked about stash in this forum and you will see that you are ...
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Assets Field within Structure Entries

I have added an updated version of parse_file_paths by rsanchez as a fork which now will work in EE 3.x and up. All I did was to add the addon.setup.php file to the zip file with the appropriate ...
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