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View private content with access code?

Have done similar and ended up using channel entries to control the access to the file/page then the excellent module File Vault by masuga to obfuscate the actual files url so users cannot share with ...
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View private content with access code?

Protected Links from Yuri is a very good and efficient add-on to.hide and secure your links.
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1 vote

Hook when member updates password

These what you are after? It appears these are planned for conversion to services down the road. But should still work now.
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Script to change member password on many different sites

How would you intend on changing the password through database updates? From installation to installation, the actual cryptography used for password hashing can vary depending on what's available on ...
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What is the MySQL function for exp_members password column?

I want to post an update to this question for EE 5 because the current answer is pretty outdated. In order to set a member's password in the DB, you'll need to know what the hash algorithm is. From /...
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