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3 votes

Expression engine 3 -get the url of a channel entry

there is no such thing as an url in EE. You can however grab the url title like so: {url_title} however, you'll either have to do something like <a href="(path="template_group/template"}"> (...
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1 vote

ExpressionEngine V4 CMS Icons showed as squares, RichEditText box showed content as HTML and some Member Group setting showed as process bar

This is path issue as you think. You need to change path manually. There is 2 ways to change the path in EE3 - EE4 Go to Settings > URL and Path Settings and change all necessary variables. ...
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1 vote

How to deploy from localhost development server to live server?

I like to add this System Config Override variable to my config.php file... $config['site_url'] = "http://localhost:8000/"; ...then change it depending on your environment. This way at least I have ...
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