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How to update Expresso Store 2.5.1 to use Stripe TLS v1.2?

When it comes to supporting TLS 1.2, generally this is a server-side change, not a script-based change. So there's no action needed on DevDemon's part. Simply ask your host if they support TLS 1.2. (...
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Expresso Store: payment gateway settings in filesystem

This is not currently possible with Store - the way Omnipay is integrated with its abstracted settings methods it only looks in the database. A good feature request for Vector though! (Likewise for ...
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Expresso Store Order Submission Validation Error Not Defining Which Field

Great working with you via our support email. Still working on the second half with the field name, but wanted to note here that the quote marks for the error handling need to be regular quotes, " vs ...
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Using CartThrob and Worldpay pre-authorization?

(I'm with Vector; we make CartThrob) There are two scenarios: You do the authorization with CartThrob, but do the capture later in the Worldpay admin interface. This would require a change to the ...
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