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R.Kern and JCOGS Design are correct. Can you not choose a different name for that template group? You can always use template routes if you need themes as one of your segment names. You might need to use dynamic="no" in your channel entries tag parameters too.


If you are using EE 3-6 (possibly lower as well) "themes" is a protected name in the EE Installation at the web root of your install. So is seeing that directory before your template directory and throwing the 403 error. Either choose a different name for your template group or do as JCOGS suggested.


EE stores useful CSS and JS resources used by EE itself and some add-ons in the directory /themes - so I imagine any attempt to define a template group with that name will cause problems. Why your attempts to create a template folder give you a 403 is unclear to me (rather than some more meaningful error) but suspect that it is EE's way of ...

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