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So if you only want a snippet to display on certain entries, you can apply that via a field and small code addition to your template(s). I understand you have a lot of templates and don't want to add more; there is no reason to add more. You can just edit the templates you currently use for these entries, and they'll work either way. In this example, just ...


The short answer is yes. The documentation indicates that the minimum version is 5.3.10 but EE3 will work with php versions up to 7.2 depending upon which EE3 you install: php 7 compatability was included in EE3.1 HTH


I have not come across this behaviour myself - when things suddenly appear on otherwise stable systems usually the system itself is not the cause - if you have not changed the site code or the add-on code it is unclear why it would stop working. I would check to see if there has (for example) been a change in your server environment - such as a change in ...


It is possible with a bit of messing around you could achieve what you are trying to do by installing the Allow EE Code add-on. This add-on makes it possible to evalute EE template code placed within entries in EE channels - to use you simply bracket the template output you want to have evaluated between an {exp:allow_eecode} tag pair. So it might be that ...

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