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Playa broken in MySQL > 5.7.4

So far I've discovered and fixed one case and will add more here if discovered. File: mod.playa.php Line: 550 FROM $sql = 'SELECT DISTINCT(rel.child_entry_id) AS entry_id TO $sql = 'SELECT ...
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Using Playa passing values

I have resolved this by adding the option parse="inward" to the {exp:playa:parents} tag. So my code looks like below {exp:playa:parents channel="article|blogs|calendar_events|contests|podcasts|...
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EE3 and Playa - do they work together

Brandon Kelly would definitely list it in a change log if it were released for EE3. I don't think he's actually published a road map for EE3 as of yet, but has tweeted that he is working on EE3-izing ...
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EE3 Relationships VS Playa

I haven't used the latest Playa but the with relationships​ being native it will stop painful upgrades to the CMS whenever you next upgrade - it's almost always better to rely on core modules then to ...
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How to show a certain page based on the selection of prior two pages

Let me see if I can help here. I'll discuss how I would approach this and hopefully we can go from there or I'll revise to clarify if needed. I would probably try to tackle this in one of the ...
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Playa broken in MySQL > 5.7.4

I've encountered errors trying to open Playa fields due to the stricter group by rules ( In ft.playa.php I changed ...
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Fetch first image of entry?

I've assumed when you refer to "The images are just inserted in the entry" and "So the body-field of an entry", that you are referring to a single text/wysiwyg field in the entry. You won't be able ...
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Playa: Complex, nested and filtered

You could use {exp:playa:coparents} to list other parent entries (trips) that share the same child (outpost). Then within that loop, list the activity associated with each trip (I'm assuming you have ...
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Playa in a matrix column P&T example

Looks like our Playa field tag ({neighborhood_plan}) is missing the prefix - it needs that since it's inside of your prefixed Matrix field: {neighborhood_plans var_prefix="npd" search:...
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