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categories inside the Edit Entry publish tab?

Yes of course it is possible. For that you just have to go into layouts of respected Channel. And then drag and drop the categories under Publish tab.
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Collapsed grid fields have no labels

Currently no first party solution to this. I added a feature request for this a while ago and it has not been resolved yet. Another option would be to use a third party builder such as bloqs and ...
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Unable to create new publish layout

So after digging deeper I discovered that I could successfully create Publish Layouts for other channels, so I deleted the existing problematic layout and was able to create a new one. Problem solved.
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Publish Layout - randomly reorders fields EE 5.2.2

Oh boy, this sounds like a bug I had in EE3 ( My workaround was making a new layout vs. editing an existing one. ...
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Change tab name in custom layout possible?

You can't change tab labels at present - you'll need to create a new tab instead and move your fields to it from the old tab.
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