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Is there any way to create 301 redirects while only having access to the clients CMS?

Yes! Use the redirect variable in your template. From the documentation: {redirect='news/local' status_code="301"}
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Redirect adding absolute path when using {redirect="{page_url}"}

Try using {page_uri} instead of {page_url} The redirect tag is looking for a relative, not absolute value.
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EE 5.x - How to suppress login/logout confirmation page

Not sure it's really possibly without editing core files at this point. I don't have time to test this, but I'll throw out a small guess based on hooks. For login, you'd need to try one of these ...
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Redirect a URL and remove a segment

I actually just figured it out with an htaccess RewriteRule. RewriteRule ^blog/detail(.*)$ /blog$1 [NC,R=301,L]
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Redirect url from /blog/singlepage/entry_id to /blog/singlepage/url-title

It would be possible, if you don't mind doing a page reload as part of the process. EE can find an entry with just the url_title or entry_id, so all you need to do is create a default template that is ...
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Different page direct based on form field upon submitting

It sounds like what you need is a conditional to set the value for the return parameter for your freeform tag. Hard to say more without more information on what you are trying to do / what your ...
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301 Redirect with Domain Alias

Detour Pro won't do this for you, since it doesn't look at root domains, only the parts that come after them. You can do this via .htaccess though: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^epibelize\.org|www\....
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Clean 301 redirects using an .htaccess that also removes index.php

This is what we use to redirect a directory to a subdomain RewriteRule ^trade* [R=301,L]
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require_entry problems with more than 2 segment

Based on my understanding of the issue... Try this: {exp:channel:entries channel="recipes" url_title="{if segment_2 != 'dessert'}{segment_2}{if:else}{segment_3}{/if}" limit="1" require_entry="yes"...
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