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Related entry's doesn't work

Relationships changed in expressionengine 2.6. It looks like your template code won't work in 2.9.2. See the v2 docs on relationships: https://docs.expressionengine.com/v2/add-ons/channel/...
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relating testimonials to multiple products with relationship field

Testimonials would be the parent channel Products are "children". Your syntax looks ok, are you using any custom statuses in your Products channel? If so try adding a statuses parameter to the ...
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How to display Related Elements and Hubspot Call to Action items on a page

From your description it looks like you are working with what is called a Relationship field. Check the documentation, but I suspect what is going on is that the template designer called the ...
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How to show a certain page based on the selection of prior two pages

Let me see if I can help here. I'll discuss how I would approach this and hopefully we can go from there or I'll revise to clarify if needed. I would probably try to tackle this in one of the ...
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How can I list channel entries with same relationship to another channel?

I'm pretty sure that this example pulled right from the relationships docs will work for you: {exp:channel:entries channel="hotels"} {hotel_destination} {hotel_destination:siblings field="...
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How to relate 2 channels / parent relationship fields HELP

All you should need is this. Assuming "parents" is the name of the relationship field in the Clinic channel. ref https://docs.expressionengine.com/latest/fieldtypes/relationships.html#accessing-...
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Member Relationships to single Entry

Another approach you might want to consider is using the VMG Chosen Member add-on. Chosen Member gives you the ability to assign members to channel entries without having to turn those member details ...
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Assets Field within Structure Entries

I have added an updated version of parse_file_paths by rsanchez as a fork which now will work in EE 3.x and up. All I did was to add the addon.setup.php file to the zip file with the appropriate ...
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