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As I know, is no EE add-ons which can completely help you to get what you want. Possible solution: Upload file using any of exist EE add-ons, make manipulation with exist option (width, height, crop etc.) Then setup on the server CRON job with batch which will run couple times per day and check if new files in upload folder exist. For new files needs to ...


Take a look at CE Image. Can implement dynamic resizing based on request (use segment variables or GET variables for the dimension parameters on the CE Image template tag). Will save manipulated images to Amazon S3. Can be used in conjunction with Channel Images (just don't bother with the Channel Image's resizing feature and rely completely on CE Image ...


Check the image zoom plugin's settings to make sure it is not applying a filter. Also, check your CSS. It could be that a blurring filter effect is being applied (see here).


Photo Frame is a great utility for this, and has loads of advanced settings so it can work exactly how you need. It's different approach to image editing and manipulation. It has a new Focal Pack that allows clients to define a focal point when uploading a photo, then you (the developer) can crop it in any way you need within the template. You could use {exp:...


Use Channel Images plugin to do that. Excellent plugin. link

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