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Best text editor for EE5?

The RTE with EE5 is OK, but as you observe has some limitations regarding handling of images. The alternatives are all add-ons that provide a wrapper to some other Rich Text Editor source. Wyvern - ...
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can I put markup inside an iframe tag in a rich text field?

I solved something simulair with https://devot-ee.com/add-ons/low-replace, an addon from LOW. I wanted special markup for any <a href in the RTF field. It works like a charm! In my case like this: ...
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ckeditor for expressionengine version 1?

You can try to install MX Universal Editor, but I can't guarantee anything about this. http://wiseupstudio.com/expressionengine/mx-universal-editor.html
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ExpressionEngine V4 CMS Icons showed as squares, RichEditText box showed content as HTML and some Member Group setting showed as process bar

This is path issue as you think. You need to change path manually. There is 2 ways to change the path in EE3 - EE4 Go to Settings > URL and Path Settings and change all necessary variables. ...
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Default Rich Text Editor adding in <p> tags

well...a table is not really rich text. That's more something for a wysiwyg editor.
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convert rte field to wyvern

After much searching I found out this is not just Wyvern but an issue or design feature in EE3. Developers need to add what their fieldtype compatibility is but not all of them have. This post ...
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