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3 votes

Automatically creating an alphanumeric number for each new entry

If you are using EE4 then you could use the built-in encrypt / decrypt variable modifiers. So your template entry could end up with something like this perhaps: {path='SingleSignon/Microsite'}?...
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3 votes

Is there any setting in Expression Engine that does not permit cross-origin framing?

Le sigh... I always forget to RTFM. You can set it in your config.php to NONE. Edit Just FFS, here'...
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2 votes

Does anyone know any details on the recent security release notifications?

You'll discover all patch notes here in the changelog. Security patches are a combination of both EE & underlying frameworks. EE is pretty resilient and a lot of security issues are more server ...
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1 vote

Mod_Security Roadblocks, Hosting EE

Your best bet is still to open a support ticket with HostGator and asking them to 'whitelist' those mod_sec rules that are causing the problem. As EE5 isn't as common as say WordPress, most hosting ...
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1 vote

Installation hacked - rogue link inserted onto page

The only timeI've encountered something like this is when the site was on a shared hosting. It turned out this happened because of a leaky joomla install on that same server. You can safely delete the ...
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1 vote

Does anyone know any details on the recent security release notifications?

I found out from Robin Sowell with Ellis Lab that the latest security release fixes a previously unknown issue in CodeIgnitor, which is at the core of version 2. So this definitely affects all ...
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