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2 votes

Contact Form - Not receiving messages

The answer to this question turns out to be a lot simpler than once though. Looks like the main issue was that I didn't have two hidden required fields included: <input type="hidden" name="...
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1 vote

500 Internal Server Error - Cannot access frontend or backend

The quickest way to get back up and running might be to go through cPanel and PHPMyAdmin to open your database. And then navigate to the exp_upload_prefs table and delete the row for the Upload ...
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1 vote

Mod_Security Roadblocks, Hosting EE

Your best bet is still to open a support ticket with HostGator and asking them to 'whitelist' those mod_sec rules that are causing the problem. As EE5 isn't as common as say WordPress, most hosting ...
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1 vote

difference date format iPad / Macbook when viewing site from same IP

Reading the docs, it will utilise the control panel language format or logged in user format. Were you logged in on the Macbook? Similar question and alternative answer for multi-language: How do I ...
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