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SQL-Error when submitting an entry with Tags

After google'ing this (and being a MySQL-n00b), I got an answer from Solspace that confirmed what I needed to do: Hi Pontus, I spoke with a developer here and mentioned that this has to do ...
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PHP filtering not working consistently with stash

If anyone else is interested, I solved this by hacking the Tag module (which is very nicely written) and added an 'exclude_ids' parameter to the 'related_entries' tag, which when set, filters out the ...
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1 vote

How do I solve this error: Unable to load requested publish tab file: tab.tag.php

Did you completely uninstall Tag while in EE2? It sounds like you may not have. If you need a copy of Tag 5.x for EE3 to quickly uninstall Tag, just contact our support. :)
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