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Mass-change entries from one status to another

SQL is the best option to bulk update the entries. But you must need to be careful as wrong execution can stress you up! You can use below query: UPDATE exp_channel_titles SET status = 'created' ...
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How to use an SQL query to display entries from last 45 days

You can try below query to display entries of last 45 Days. SELECT DISTINCT field_id_19 AS HomeTitle FROM exp_channel_data t1 INNER JOIN exp_channel_titles t2 ON t1.entry_id = t2.entry_id WHERE t1....
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Get all entries where expiration date is within last 12 months

Could you not use native parameters for this? {exp:channel:entries channel="mychannel" show_expired="only" start_on="-12 months"}
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Add new Channel ID access to multiple member groups via SQL Query

If you have access to a SQL Utility like Sequel Pro and a code editor it is pretty easy to do. First you need to get a list of the groups that don't have the channel_id set. Using the SQL Query tab ...
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1054 Unknown column error when upgrading from 3.5.15 to 4.3.6

Is this a rehearsed upgrade or your first time? EE should be creating that column when running the upgrade script for 4.3.0. Rehearse the upgrade on a separate instance of your application. Also ...
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Preventing SQL Injections

You should always scrub any user input before it gets to your query. The first thing you should do is run and input variables through the input class. i. e. $var = ee()->input->post('my_var', ...
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Removing duplicate entries using an SQL query

I've now solved this one by using an SQL Query as follows: <select id="locationList" name="fieldName"> <option value="">All Locations</option> {exp:query sql=' ...
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Removing duplicate entries using an SQL query

I would have solved that with storing everything in a exp:stash:set_list, and then looping out it with a exp:stash:get_list. Read more on how to do that here:
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