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Mass-change entries from one status to another

SQL is the best option to bulk update the entries. But you must need to be careful as wrong execution can stress you up! You can use below query: UPDATE exp_channel_titles SET status = 'created' ...
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importing entry status via CSV - does uppercase or lowercase status matter

While firing a query in DB, No matter you pass "Open" or "open". Both are same. Your first question's answer is: As per EE Standards, It should be "open". EE save "open/closed" in database, it shows ...
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How to give categories open/closed status?

Custom category field? Which defaults to open: Then your template code: {exp:gwcode_categories channel="example" depth="1" custom_fields="yes" linear="yes"} {if cat_status == "Open"}{cat_name}{/...
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Getting total results per status

For best performance and simplicity... {exp:query sql="SELECT status as status_label, count(*) as total_results FROM exp_channel_titles GROUP BY status_label"} {total_results} results for {...
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Hook for when status is updated

I would use the entry_submission_ready extension hook, and write a mini-extension that looks at the meta array in the api for the entry status value, and compares it to the previous value for that ...
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Ideas why status is set to closed when entry edited via channel:form?

Are you including status input in your form? If not, try adding <input type="hidden" name="status" value="{status}" />
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Use of Status Groups EE2?

You can assign custom statuses by creating a status group. By default EE will always have Open and Closed statuses enabled even if you select none. The channel entries tag defaults to only show ...
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Simple search form shows entries with closed status

Your question peaked my interest, so I put together a test on my sandbox. I admit this is an out of date EE2.8.1. I tried out a number of variations however the one thing that springs out to me is ...
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