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How to load different stylesheets depending on the template

The simplest and and most flexible way is to use Template Layouts. In your main HTML Layout wrapper (simplified) which we will say is named "_html-layout" in the "layouts" template group: <html&...
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SSL Certificate Breaking the Site Style Sheets - Looking for a fix

You'll need to access your templates fix this issue. Log in to your control panel, and visit: Design -> Templates -> Template Manager Most likely, you'll have a template group named "Embeds", "...
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bootstrap wont work on template

It's because you're using a relative path for <link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css"> instead of an absolute. Your default template works ...
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Control Panel remains Unstyled

Every time I've seen this behavior it's due to 1 or 2 reasons: Issue#1: The URL and server path to the 'themes' (or renamed themes folder) is incorrect one too many or too less "/" can do it. The ...
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