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{Switch} and Mod for even/odd amount of entries

Well, if you want a modulus operator, use a modulus operator! {if total_results % 2 != 0} </div> {/if} Maybe you can find it easier this way: {exp:channel:entries channel="bullets" dynamic=...
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Creating rows with ExpressionEngine and a Grid using Switch

If you're wanting the switch tag to apply to the grid rows, then you need to prefix it with your grid field name (docs): {press_releases:switch='|||</div><div class="row">'}
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odd even columns in expressionengine with bootstrap

Yes you could use switch also. {exp:channel:entries} <div class="wrap {switch='col-lg-4|col-lg-8'} col-sm-12 content-item"> ... </div> {/exp:channel:entries} Would output ...
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Loop a new section (outside loop) after every 2 entries

If I follow your question correctly, the output you want is for each pair of entries to be in their own sections, with the sections alternating between white and light grey backgrounds. I'm not sure ...
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Storing grid data with stash

WOW! I'm an idiot. lol I read right past the lists in the docs. Thanks for a great add on and doc set Mark. ;) {exp:stash:set_list name="mini_links" ...
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