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{!-- ra:000 … - error - how to handle?

As @tom-jaeger presumed the problem was the addon which threw a deprecation-notice. This lead to the error in the frontend, and it explains why the error suddenly appeared and vanished: The notice was ...
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Blank page output when using Entry Status in nested Switchee statement

As @checyney said there is no channel:entries loop yet. I'd suggest you do it something like this: {case default="Yes"} {exp:channel:entries} {switchee variable="{status}" parse="inward"} ...
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How to use Swtichee and/or Low Variables to optimise an if if:elseif if:else conditional statement

Frankly, ExpressionEngine code conditions to convert in switchee or law variables will not increase page speed. To enhance the performance, you should try this plugin for if condition:(EE2) URL To ...
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