So if you only want a snippet to display on certain entries, you can apply that via a field and small code addition to your template(s). I understand you have a lot of templates and don't want to add more; there is no reason to add more. You can just edit the templates you currently use for these entries, and they'll work either way. In this example, just ...


I think Wyvern (an other wysiwyg) can "process" the ee variables and partials. https://expressionengine.com/add-ons/wyvern


It is possible with a bit of messing around you could achieve what you are trying to do by installing the Allow EE Code add-on. This add-on makes it possible to evalute EE template code placed within entries in EE channels - to use you simply bracket the template output you want to have evaluated between an {exp:allow_eecode} tag pair. So it might be that ...

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