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ExpressionEngine Control Panel SSL HTTPS Issue

I have an issue with the HTTPS header for the ExpressionEngine control panel where the JS is being disabled. It keeps generating error messages where HTTP is being loaded over HTTPS (see below): ...
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Updating Membership Terms of Service

EE 5.2.5 I'm trying to update the ToS message for member signups. When a user goes to and sees this form: In the docs it says you can change this at Design --> Themes ...
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EE 2 Multi site with one theme

I have a network of 3 sites that have the exact same channels and design - just different entries. Is there a way to use the same theme for all three sites rather than having to duplicate the theme ...
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Themes folder above root

Is it possible to move the themes folder above the root? I am using MSM and want to move the folder away from the main site.
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Where is the CMS login page template?

I need to add some logic for a plugin in the CMS login page but I can't find the correct template to modify. How can I find the template used by /admin.php? What have I tried so far: I can see that ...
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Using Custom Themes

Just getting starting with EE. I have a custom HTML5 theme I've been designing and would like to upload it to EE. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? Any great free tutorials would be ...
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How to rename template folder in EE 2.9.2 ? (Free version)

Who know, how to rename template directory? From /themes/site_themes/agile_records To /themes/site_themes/custom_name
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Third party path MX Maps

Hopefully I'm missing something obvious but cannot get MX Maps to work with custom third party theme folders. The module appears fine when using the config_override for: 'third_party_path' for ...
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Development Cycle

I am a long time Drupal Developer, but it looks like I'm going to have to do some EE Dev work. This question might become clear as time goes on, but wondering what experiences/best practices can be ...
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Control Panel theme that looks like Wordpress

I think EE's Control Panel is super simple and intuitive. Granted, I have been using it for over 3 years now, so I am comfortable in it. However, I have had several clients over the years express that ...
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EE in subfolder not working correctly

I've got EE running in a subfolder on a dev environment, such as: But somehow, the folder keeps being removed from the URL for certain things. E.g. the "Home" icon on ...
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calendar, more efficient code

the goal: -show the remainder of the current month's events always -when end of month is near (after the 18th, for example), also show the upcoming month's events this is what i have presently, ...
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Where do you put your third party themes folder? has a community consensus been discussed? [closed]

I've recently started to use PATH_THIRD_THEMES in my config file, but i was wondering if there was a community consensus on where this folder should live and be called? /assets/third_themes /assets/...
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templates vs. themes

What's the difference between "templates" (default location system/expressionengine/templates/default_site/) and "themes" (default location themes/)? I'm curious particularly for a single site setup. ...
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Does ExpressionEngine support child or sub themes (theme inheritance)?

I was wondering if ExpressionEngine support child / sub themes similar to the way other CMSs have implemented template / theme inheritance? Wordpress - Drupal -...
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How do I change the theme of my site?

I am seriously going crazy trying to figure out how to change the theme of my site. Does ExpressionEngine support pre-built themes? If so, how do I switch between them? If not, how do I change the ...
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How to use images from themes/third_party folder in a plugin?

I am writing a simple plugin and I want to use some images within the plugin. I assume that the *themes/third_party*-folder is the right place for those. How can I use them? I cannot link to them ...
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Customizing Private Messaging Pages

I'm looking for a way to easily customize the look of the core EE Private Messaging functionality. I know that there are add-ons out there that open up some of the functionality, but I would really ...
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How to parse EE tag in Forums template?

EE tag in Forum template What I need is to use my custom EE plugin in to Forum header template: themes/forum_themes/default/forum_global/html_header.html I see that Forum template are processed by ...
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