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How to use italics in titles?

There is no way within EE to italicise elements within a title string. If you are looking to change the style of a word according to some pattern - e.g. to italicise the first word of the title ...
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Specific word choice in URL title is causing a 404 error on a page. Can anyone help?

Finally resolved this. On a whim I decided to try the URL /en and that had the same effect too so that meant it had to be language related, with the original problem being with 'de'. In my htaccess, ...
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Having trouble pulling titles from another channel into a sidebar

You can't have a exp:channel:entries tag inside itself, from your comment above it looks like you're using relationships. You should be using the appropriate tags to pull in the related entries. ...
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Meta Title Breaking After Apostrophe

Try using the attr_safe modifier on your tag (where the value is generated, not the layout tag) - - that will ...
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Disabling the Required *Title Field

According to the blurb for MX Title it can combine a combination of elements to achieve that: For patterns you can used any of exist EE2 tags (category, all custom fields, plug-ins etc.) successfully ...
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Unique number/ID in each URL Title Field

EE will do this automatically if you publish an entry with a title already in that channel.
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Why i'm getting only one entry on Gmaps map?

Only had a very very quick look at this one and admittedly being very very naughty haven't tried the code out but noticed that you have a cache set. Did you by any chance load the page when you only ...

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