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I believe this is the right file If you're upgrading a site from an earlier EE version, remember to follow the instruction under the heading "If you're installing from the repository". You may already have an existing system/user/config/config.php file with variable assignations that ...


You need to manually download and unzip the EE6 release. Then copy over the index.php and admin.php files and also the system/index.php file.


Hard to tell from your question what actually is going on, but here is a suggestion for a way forward: Download a clean copy of EE 5.4 Create a clean / new install of EE 5.4 on some test system Copy the system / index files created in the new install Update the copied system / index files with relevant information from your existing system / index files ...


You have a few options. If it's just extensions, you can use this configuration override to disable all extensions: $config['allow_extensions'] = 'n'; Add that line to the end of your config.php file. That might allow you access to your Control Panel to move forward with removing add-ons. Another option is to (backup these tables first) truncate your ...

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