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Question on Expressionengine url structure

Like, multiple different ways, depending on what you want to do. One way: {!-- template: teamplate.group/index.html (default template group) --} {exp:channel:entries {if segment_1} ...
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Specific word choice in URL title is causing a 404 error on a page. Can anyone help?

Finally resolved this. On a whim I decided to try the URL /en and that had the same effect too so that meant it had to be language related, with the original problem being with 'de'. In my htaccess, ...
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Get Category Details by just URL_TITLE in EE

My recommendation would be to look at Cat2 and Low Seg2Cat (if you need to infer category data from a URL segment).
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Remove all URL-segments except for url-title?

Whether you can depends somewhat on how your site / templates are designed. As far as EE is concerned, you don't really need to specify which channel or anything to retrieve an entry - the url_title ...
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Redirect url from /blog/singlepage/entry_id to /blog/singlepage/url-title

It would be possible, if you don't mind doing a page reload as part of the process. EE can find an entry with just the url_title or entry_id, so all you need to do is create a default template that is ...
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Automated entry url numbering

This add-on Willow-Smart-URL-Title will increment the url_title number (up to 10)
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How to achieve desired URL structure: /category/entry/

You need 3 templates(index, .landing, .detail) under services template group. index.html {if segment_3} {if segment_3 ~ "/^P\d+/"} {!-- Pagination state --} {embed="services/....
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