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EE3: Importing into EE3 - updating existing entries

Simply put, if you value your time even a little bit, I would use DataGrab rather than rolling your own import / export routines. Datagrab is simple and it works. The 'updating existing entries' ...
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XML template 500 error with one category group

Can’t see any problem off hand, but I’d try some of this: According to the docs, the backspace parameter counts as four characters, so change the backspace value to 4. Removing the <br> ...
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What's the field for the main content for XML export?

EE lets you assign arbitrary field names to your content - so there is no 'default' field name for this. EE uses standard field names for some meta-data (e.g. {entry_id} is always the index number ...
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external dabase connection error on EE3

The ExpressionEngine framework probably doesn't have a pointer reference to the namespace variable $EE in whatever script you're executing... to be honest, I'm guessing you copied a script example ...
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